What is a Movement?

What is a Movement?

A Movement can be defined as 100 churches across, with each multiplying out to at least the 4th generation. Obviously to accomplish that, the focus has to be missional above all else. Typically a church will be between 15-40 people and will meet anywhere and at anytime – the park, coffee shop, someone’s house, Community Centre.

Movements by their nature multiply; believers are in their communities, looking to the Spirit to guide them to people who are willing to receive the Gospel and then share it.

There is an organisation that monitors global Movements, and there are approximately 1,000 – less than 2% are in the West, or Global North. That is now starting to change though, and globally Movements are multiplying rapidly.

Did we mention that Movements are only of God, and occur only through a massive prayer effort and personal sacrifice? Perhaps that is why there aren’t too many going in the West at the moment.

Please, join us in constant, regular prayer. We are in a battle, and even though the enemy is unseesn, they are very real.