Who are Fruitpickers?

King Jesus started a movement, founded through the early Apostles including Paul and on into the early church. Rather than encouraging people to ‘come’ they followed His example and went. Out of sheer gratitude, new disciples then went back to their own communities – oikos, and shared Jesus within those, encouraging them to do the same. A movement was born, which has continued to grow and expand. In a century, the church moved from 1,000 people to as many as 33million believers.
It seems we have lost sight of this today, modelling instead for others to come to us – into our culture, our gathering, our buildings, our traditions. Is that what Jesus really calls us to though?
Around the world today, tens of millions of people are discovering Jesus through ordinary believers intent on making disciples, sharing Him in their own community. The original movement that Jesus founded is being awakened by Him, and multiplying around the globe. Think about this – in some places in the world, people groups are gathering around the Word of God reading, listening and being spoken to by His Spirit, and there isn’t a priest or even believer in sight.
We want to emulate what is happening around the world, here in Sydney, into Australia and beyond. By 2050, 70% of the worlds population will be urban, and yet our global mission programme is still predominantly rural in outlook. Simple principals we see being used from around the world, can be used here. We want to see a movement begun, a movement where ordinary people discover Jesus, make a decision to follow and obey him (and all that entails) and then go into their world and make disciples. In doing this, Jesus multiplies his church. 
No priests, mediators, buildings, traditions or taking God’s Glory. King Jesus using the ordinary to reach the ordinary for His sake.
What can you do?
Quite simply, there is an enemy against us (Ephesians 6) that we cannot see, but is very real. 
So we would like you to commit to pray. This blog is not about us as individuals, it really is a news site where you can gather information and with us, bring it before King Jesus.
Without prayer, the mission will not succeed. Our hope is that we can garner the support of thousands or more prayer supporters around the world, so that we can see the nation of Australia transformed a person at a time through Disciple Making Multiplication. It will not be easy, and it will certainly never happen without believers praying fervently, sacrificially. 
Simply Subcribe, and we will update you of ongoing prayer needs (we promise to try to avoid flooding your inbox too).
Here is a simple prayer framework you can use in praying for us:
1) That the Father in Heaven draws people to him – unless the Father draws them, they cannot come (John 6)
2) That the strongman be bound (Mark 3)
3) Understand that our battle is in the Heavenlies, and therefore of a different realm – we must focus our attention on that (Ephesians 6)
4) That their eyes, minds and heart be ‘unblinded’ by the Prince of this world else they cannot see ((2 Corinthinas 4)
5) That signs and wonders would be evident as the Gospel is procliamed (Mark 16)
Thanks for being part of it, we look forward to seeing all that the Father of the Heavenly Lights will do for us here on earth.