Who is Fruitpickers?

King Jesus started a Movement; he trained his disciples to go out into the world (initially to the lost sheep of Israel, but eventually across the globe) and make other disciples, who in turn would make other disciples – foremost by teaching them to obey His commands. His disciples were obedient to all he taught, forsaking everything else and joyfully relying on the day to day guidance of the Holy Spirit for leading. So effective was this, that in little more than a Century, the early church had grown from 1,000 believers to more than 30 million.

We think Jesus was onto something when He trained his disciples to multiply His Kingdom. Somewhere along the way though, we lost the initial vision that Jesus had, we have lost our way. At least we have here in the West, as things became static and stopped moving and multiplying while becoming increasingly complex. But Jesus has never shelved His Vision to build a Kingdom here on earth – a Kingdom, one that multiplies and moves. Around the world today, that Kingdom continues to multiply rapidly, sometimes with breathtaking speed.

Here though, we have become so entrenched with our model of church, that unfortunately we miss out on so much that is happening elsewhere. But Disciple Making Multiplication – a Movement, is beginning to take root in the West as well. We as a group of believers want to be part of that. It is exciting as we try to be obedient to Jesus calling and we lead others to discover how wonderful He really is. We warn people though, it takes a shift of the mind to understand the difference between Disciple Making thinking, and more traditional Church models. It is extremely difficult work.

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Above all though, we suggest that you subscribe so that you can pray with us for the work. Above everything, Movement is birthed in prayer. In the West, we pray very little, and try to do a lot. Perhaps that is why things don’t happen much around the Kingdom of God. Elsewhere, we see staggering commitments to prayer.

Many believers still want to see God move, it’s just they rarely do. So, to see if we are for you, think about joining us to pray first. See how we pray, when we pray and what we pray about. We haven’t got it all right, but we are committed to pray and to learn to pray.

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