How to Pray

We don’t want to get stilted about our prayer, but we do use a basic model to pray based around Scripture, when we are praying about Disciple Making. Perhaps most importantly, we like to bring very specific names and requests before the Lord, rather than sweeping generalisations. If we are in the harvest, we are usually praying for people to discover Jesus. Much of who we are praying for, and what we are praying for can be found in our Prayer page – please subscribe to receive updates.

Understand then, that prayer is the key, it is the main task, it is the sacrifice, it is the hard work. It takes significant and sustained prayer to break the strongholds down that bind unbelievers lives.

First of all we pray that the Father calls them. Jesus tells us in John 6:44 that nobody comes to the Father unless he draws them. This is the place to start as we pray for people and groups of people, that the Father will draw them.

Next, we understand there is an enemy who seeks to prevent that happening – at all costs. So, we pray that the Strongman will be bound, so that we can plunder his stuff – people who he has bound himself. We see this in Luke chapter 11.

Then, we realise that there is the Prince of this World who blinds the minds (and hearts) of not-yet-believers. We must pray that Jesus himself will unblind their minds, so that they can see the truth. This is crucial, as we wrongly assume anybody can see the truth and character of Jesus for themselves, but nothing is further from the truth. (2 Cor 4:4)

Finally, we know we are in a Spiritual battle, not against flesh and blood but against wicked spirits that roam in the heavenly realm and create havoc. Perhaps more than anything else, as we look at examples where prayer prevails, we see people completely understand this truth and pray fervently against it. We pray against the influence of those Spirits in the earthly realm (Ephesians 6:12).

This is a good start, if we are to be effective in prayer for non-believers. Please, if you do nothing else then pray with us for those in the harvest.