The God of Grace!

Fruitpickers Prayer Guide, April 2023

‘For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.’ John 1:16

We thank and praise the Almighty Father for the gift of Grace! He should have come riding on the clouds, with millions of angels surrounding Him, shrouded in unapproachable light, to pass a just judgement of eternal death over all who are unrighteous – and this is how it will be, in the end. But instead, the King of kings was born in to a race of hated people, to a teenage mum, out of wedlock, in a barn house, living in poverty, in a forgotten and rural town, to a world that would only hate and reject Him, to suffer an unjust judgement of death on a cross – all so that we, his enemies, might be saved. So gracious is our God.

As we work towards our God given goal of seeing 100 groups by July 2025, pray that God will continue to extend His grace to us, his servants. Pray that by His grace we might work harder than ever before – to sweat, bleed, cry and suffer for those who do not know our gracious God.

Pray for the ones and twos who are discovering Jesus to tun into groups, communities and gatherings – so that spiritual families will form. Pray that these spiritual families will multiply to affect and transform whole communities.

Pray for protection on Michael – my dad – who has devoted his life to set up a missional fund that will sustain movements around the world. The work he is doing is extremely dangerous to Satan, and as such he is under spiritual attack, so please pray for protection and strength for him and Sally. Constant setbacks, physical pain, sickness, discouragement – pray against all of these things in their life.

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