Keys to Disciple Making: #1 Prayer

Oswald Chambers once said, “prayer is not preparation for the main task, prayer is the main task.” It is something very few in the West really understand. Above all else, prayer makes the difference between success and failure in helping others discover Jesus, and committing their lives to him.

In a recent study by Mission India across those who were in the harvest making disciples, they found the only single difference between those who were wildly successful in their endeavours – in one case, a local who had seen over 1,000 new churches planted in a single year, and those were only moderately successful, was prayer. Those who consistently spent 2 hours or more in prayer each day, saw more fruit in the harvest. They recorded, in one instance, a married church planter with kids, who managed a full time job yet still found time to pray 3-4 hours each day. On top of all that, he had catalysed several thousand church plants.

I recently heard of a young Ghanaian university student, who was trialling a new approach to prayer, by getting up at midnight and praying through till 3am each day, whilst here in Australia. The purpose of the trial? He simply didn’t want to waste time on those who were not yet being called by the Father, but wanted to find those in whom the Spirit was already working. Apparently, and according to those who go out with him into the harvest, there is a resolute confidence that God has already prepared the way.

We have a lot to learn at Fruitpickers about prayer, but we are growing in this area. In fact, here is a challenge to us and to you reading this; if there is one single way you could help us, then join our intercessory prayer team and pray for us. I would guarantee that by doing that, we would become a great deal more effective in the harvest – through your praying. One of the largest movements globally, has an intercessory prayer team of over 10,000 that they can call on at anytime to pray againt the enemy, as they move into new territories. God listens, if we will make the effort. If we can get to 100 intercessors, it would be an enormous help.

To get praying with us, please email Thanks for being part of it.

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