Fight for it!

Fruitpickers Prayer Guide, December 2022

‘(Epaphras) is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured.’ Colossians 4:12

My brother and I used to wrestle (occasionally we still do) often. Our wrestling left us sweaty, tired, aching, injured, and usually resolved whatever fraternal conflict had caused the fight. Apparently our prayer times should be the same!
Please wrestle with God for new spiritual ground. Be like Jacob and break a bone, or Jesus, who sweat blood. Let the Spirit pray ‘through wordless groans.’ Wrestle, cry and pray for a movement to happen in Australia’s cities!

Pray also for mentors for team members. After a recent trip to Cape Town, we have a new appreciation for the value of mentors. Pray that everyone on our team will have a mentor who understands biblical movement principles.

As more and more first generation disciples are made and groups started, pray for multiplication. We want to see ordinary people begin sharing and discipling those already in their natural networks. Please pray for the DNA of replication to be firmly established in every new disciple and church.

4 thoughts on “Fight for it!

  1. russ

    You seem to be echoing the heart and mind of Earl Roberts, Bro Tom. Earl’s a wise and seasoned servant of many decades. Past National Director of Campus Crusade for Christ for round 15 years. And much else. Very much into discipleship and multiplication and movements of God. Happy to connect you with him if you like. He thinks and prays big. And Biblically.


  2. justbutlersgmailcom

    This is great Tom, we must fight for it, fully dressed in the armor of God, thanks for the encouragement and reminder.


  3. Isaac Bwire

    Hallelujah this is very amazing, I deliberately and fully yearn for this and for all of us, this year 2023 we are soon starting I look forward at us praying much more than never before for the glory of God. movements must happen for Revival is Real.


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