Send it for Jesus

Fruitpickers Prayer Guide, November 2022

...every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.’ John 15:2

Praise God, that as we approach the end of this year, so many prayers have been answered! God has pruned, refined and humbled us, as a team and individuals, so much. We are focused and full of faith to see God unleash His Kingdom in this country. Please keep praying with and for us!

Pray for new people. As four different team members move into new parts of Sydney, pray for doors to be opened and people of peace to be discovered that will lead to Discovery Groups and the multiplying of the Word.

Pray for signs and wonders. As the team works to serve the often stubborn people in Brisbane and Sydney, pray that our bold witnessing would be accompanied by God’s miraculous power. Pray and believe the Acts 4 prayer with us, that God who is doing incredible miracles all over the world would do them here too!

2 thoughts on “Send it for Jesus

  1. Isaac

    Hallelujah these are very good prayer points just as the Bible commands we should rejoice always and pray without ceasing,1Thessalonians 5:16-17 we will pray until we see a Revival in Australia. God is ready to do so! ooh dear Jesus we humble our self to see your kingdom come.


    1. russ

      ‘We are focused and full of faith to see God unleash His Kingdom in this country.’

      Amen! Bro Michael & Sis Sally & team!

      “Press on.”


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