Fruitpickers Prayer Guide, July 2022

‘…fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.’

Fruitpickers met as a team last weekend in Manly, Sydney to pray, plan and strategize. It was an incredible, joy filled time.
We want to join God in what He’s doing in Australia among the lost to see a movement happen here!

We ironed out a strategy and addressed the challenges facing the advance of the Kingdom of God in Australia. We discussed what it would take to see multiplying disciples in our cities and affinities. We compared and contrasted movements from Asia and Africa and reflected on why we are struggling to see fruit here in Australia. After deep prayer, we set new goals and solidified a vision as a team.

There are many challenges facing the mission of the church in Australia. Above all else though, we need a breakthrough of the Holy Spirit. We need abundant and faith fueled prayer.

Missionaries for the last two millennia have been pioneering. Peter pioneered in sharing with the gentiles, Hudson Taylor pioneered into China, C.T. Studd into Central Africa, Paul into the whole of Asia minor, George Muller pioneered a faith led life, Brother Yun pioneered in suffering for the gospel.
As missionaries in this changing, urban environment, I believe God is calling us to be pioneers too: Pioneers in Prayer.

When was the last time you met a western, white, middle class person who spent more than 1 hour a day in prayer? Even 30 minutes?! Yet on a recent visit to India, my friend Jonah was invited to pray with local pastors. They laboured in uninterrupted prayer to the Father for 7 hours straight. Last Friday night, Isaac, our brother in Uganda, led an all night prayer session with many other believers. In these countries, the gospel is flourishing and moving fast.
By submitting to God in this way, they allow Him to move in their lives. He moves them, changes them, leads them. They are winning the battle against Satan, and they are winning it on their knees.

We need to follow their example. I am calling all of you who read this post to repentance. Are you living a prayerless life? Ask yourself out loud. Turn from your sin, change your way of living. Throw off the sinful habits that easily entangle and distract. If entertainment, your phone, your job, alcohol, or anything else stands in the way of a prayerful life – cut if off! It’s better that you be unemployed than live with your work as your idol and your whole body be thrown into hell! Jesus will forgive you, purify you, and lead into a life of prayer everlasting. He is patient with us, because He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants all to turn from their sins. Jesus, the great pioneer, wants a movement in Australia! He is the pioneering intercessor, let us join Him in what He is doing (hint; He is praying)!

So please, pray for us. That we would be pioneers in prayer.

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