The Psalty Saints

Jesus was on song when he gave us a very simple, reproducible task; the Great Commission. That is, make disciples who multiply. Like to hear a story then?

Twelve months ago, I started a Whatsapp group of men called The Psalty Saints. It meant a group of similar aged men living locally, could go out with one another to surf rather than surf alone. From time to time we all get together.

Today I met Michael for coffee to watch the World Surf event being held in Manly this week. He sent me a text saying come on down. Michael and I have met many times, and our conversations have moved from casual to meaningful – and then back to casual. Today though, I prayed beforehand, expressing frustration to the Lord of the lack of progress. As if on cue, Michael moved the conversation straight to meaningful, and then onto Spiritual. For two hours we chatted about a marriage going nowhere, yet a reluctance to ‘stray’ for the sake of the family; a “you don’t seriously think Jesus is still alive do you?” conversation, and then onto ‘are we all inherently good or bad?’

I could go on; we spoke of Jesus’ healing people’s brokenness (still) long before he highlighted their lostness (our churches have that entirely the wrong way around by the way) which really resonated.

“Do you think Jesus can heal my marriage?” Michael’s not yet interested in Jesus, but he is really interested in anyone who can make his marriage better. In time, he will discover Jesus though.

At the merest opportunity, I suggested he meet with me and another Psalty Saint to see what Jesus says about many of the issues we struggle with all the time. He’s thinking about it, but he’s interested.

So what?

Firstly, Michael’s brokenness is not unique. We are all broken, most of us are looking for a place to share it without judgement and find healing. Secondly, it doesn’t take much out of the everyday to find a group of like-minded people to meet and share like-minded interests. Then, we can pray, pray some more and keep our eyes and ears open for the opportunity to move the conversation from casual, to meaningful, to spiritual to encouraging them to discover Jesus.

Friends, this is nothing special. We can all do this, Jesus made sure we can all do this and let’s never forget – Jesus does the work, through his Spirit, to draw people to the Father. Work we can never do. To Him be the glory and honour.

Oh, and please pray for Michael with all sincerity. For his marriage, his family and salvation for them all.

4 thoughts on “The Psalty Saints

  1. russ

    Father, we commit Michael’s friend Michael to you. Together with his whole family. This entire household.

    May each one of them come to see and take hold of the True Purpose of Life through coming to know You and Your Beloved Son, our Lord Jesus. Personally, Relationally. By The Power of Your Spirit.

    And please use the words and wherewithal of Michael Butler and others of Your people who You Cause to cross his path to Quicken Michael most Gloriously to The Truth and Glory and Life of You in Your Beloved Son, our Lord Jesus.

    In His Name we ask. And thank You. Amen.


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