Sprouting Fruit

We are so very excited as a team, as we are beginning to see fruit. Praise Jesus, all glory to Him.

As a team, we have been together for 2 years; in that time we have been refined, unified and tested by the King himself as he makes us fit to serve in his Kingdom. At times it has been trying, and many times we have felt like giving up. But the Lord has sustained us, and by His Spirit, things are beginning to happen.

People outside of our group are being obedient to Christ and beginning to share him with others; we are seeing, in very small ways, disciple multiplication into non-believers. We say and think, it is very hard in the West – but it is very hard anywhere! Would you like to be making disciples in Ukraine right now? China, Indonesia, Iraq or Yemen?

One quick story, a Fruitpicker team member went with another new disciple and travelled 2 hours to run a discovery Bible study with a non-believer. In that time, they saw repentance and a real hunger to know Jesus and obey him. The church multiplying, obedience to Jesus played forward. There are other stories too just like that. Rejoice!

So please, continue to pray for us and with us. If you burn with a passion to join us, get in touch. If you can share this post with someone and get them to sign up, then please do. We don’t want money, we need prayer which takes time, which is so valuable.

One lesson we are learning: you can teach what you know, but you disciple only who you are.

2 thoughts on “Sprouting Fruit

  1. russ

    Encouraging post Bro Michael. Especially re a Brother travelling two hours to seek out a single soul. Knowing the true wit 4th h of a single soul. “What shall it profit a man if …”

    And a GOOD Word: ‘You can teach what you know, but you disciple only who you are.’ As a Conduit of Christ. No longer us. But Him. By the Power of The Spirit. As yet works in progress. More and more of Him. Less and less of us.

    Help us I’m this Process, Father we ask. And thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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