Pray and Obey.

Fruitpickers prayer guide, February 2022

‘Moses did everything just as the Lord had commanded.‘ Exodus 40:16

After time to rest, pray, regroup and plan, Fruitpickers are beginning our trainings and meetings again this week.

Pray that as work and study lives recommence that we will remain surrendered in prayer and devotion to Jesus, that we will be willing and available to do everything just as the Lord commands us. Pray against distractions, even good ones, that keep us from hearing His voice and following him closely.

Pray for the team to remain united and focused on our sole aim of seeing a movement happen here in Australia. Pray practically against conflicting schedules, that everyone will be able to attend trainings and prayer sessions. Pray for the right balance of meeting as a team and allowing time to meet and love the lost.

Pray for prayer, that we would continue steadfastly in prayer individually. That we would go deeper and longer in prayer with God.

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