Souls to be Saved

(author has chosen to remain anonymous)

Organisations, structures, Christians, and church
I understand the need, the intentions, and good works
But where is the joy, simplicity and love?
All swept under that big corporate rug.

Meetings, talks, coffees and the like
All serve a purpose for makings things right
But Satan comes to destroy, he steals in the night
Does he blind us, so often, we also lose sight?
There’s an urgency, a crisis; help is needed from above
Souls are going to hell when push comes to shove
Why do we not see that? God is sad up above
He sent His Son but clearly that wasn’t enough
Perhaps it is me, this feeling of despair
Lord help me not to be frustrated, callous and scared
I get angry at myself alongside others
We’re so comfortable, safe, living in a bubble.
Where is our sacrifice, desire, and hunger?
Do we not want our friends saved from plunder?

Perhaps we don’t, the world is too enticing
We’d rather please ourselves than practice baptizing.
Help me O Lord, I am the worst
I criticize, judge and I, myself am covered in dirt
But Lord give me passion, sacrifice and love
Only you can help me reach souls, your Spirit from above

In the meetings, the coffees, the talks on self-help
Lord keep me humble, give me the shield and Your belt
Throw off anything that hinders, helping me to focus on you
The author, perfecter and mighty God of the Jews
I have to stop trying, putting pressure, only to fail
Instead I need to pray, abide and exhale
Lord thank you that your power is made perfect in weakness
We are such sinners, wrong doers, much sits between us.

Who knows how many disciples we’ll be able to make
It could be none, it could be some
But that’s the risk we’re willing to run
We continue regardless, always in faith
You’ve given us this burden to see people saved
Enough with the strategies, the rules and the ways

Why can’t it be easy to see people un-enslaved?
Isn’t a desire of the heart enough?
Ah, but then dealing with Satan is quite tough
Your name isn’t hallowed with believers or the lost
How will we see this, what will it cost?

I’m not perfect, I’m proud and a fool
But Lord thank you for redeeming me from an eternal life of cruel
Help me to love my brothers and sisters
Help me to keep my eyes focussed on You
I can never expect a lot from humans too
Help me to abide, love and to pray
Help me to give up this earth and see Genevieve saved
But not just Genevieve, Lord we want more
We want Amelie, Niki, Pauline and many scores.

I know we’re at the bottom, in a valley, looking up
And Lord that’s where you want us, in faith we do trust
You’ve got something planned, something big, something bold
We’ll pray, we’ll fast and wait for it to take hold.
Help us not to become distracted, enticed by the world
Help us to hold fast to your word, seeing your kingdom unfurled.

I love you Lord, please help us to bear fruit
Change us daily, Father, You we do salute
Give us a never-ending hunger, a desire for You
Help us to forget the earthly hullabaloo
Lord you are worthy, we give our lives to You
May they humbly return good yields, souls saved too.

5 thoughts on “Souls to be Saved

  1. russ

    Good one Bro Tom.
    How we do desperately need The Holy Spirit! To Give us the Eyes and Heart of Jesus, who “when He saw the multitude, had compassion on them. For they were like sheep without a shepherd.”

    And He did something about it.


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