‘Pray and meet people, pray, meet people…’

Fruitpickers prayer guide, October 2021

One day soon afterward Jesus went up on a mountain to pray, and he prayed to God all night. Luke 6:12

Pray for prayer. That the Fruitpickers team would learn to pray together, that we would pray in all circumstances, on all occasions, without ceasing. That our private and corporate prayer life would increase and deepen. That prayer and fasting would become a central part of what we are as a team and what we seek to replicate among the groups that are forming.

Pray for multiplication in the Discovery Groups that have been started, that the group participants (non-believers) would obey and share what they are discovering in the bible.

Pray for the strongman to be bound, and for the Lord to release His power to see ‘evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world’ destroyed in our cities. Some of these which are prevalent in the lives of people we’re working with include: the love of money; idols of wealth, luxury, education and success; ignorance to God because of bad religious experiences and the hypocrisy of the church; apathy caused by indulgent lifestyle. Pray against these satanic strongholds.

5 thoughts on “‘Pray and meet people, pray, meet people…’

  1. justbutlersgmailcom

    Also pray against the idol of ”health and well being”. People seem very obsessed with exercise, diet, body image etc. That they would know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the ‘life’.


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