Prayer Points May 10th

Prayer points for this week:

  • Rejoice in the conversion of Aly this week, who has brought into a new identity in Christ
  • Continued work in Gosher Court, praying for the identity of a/some leader(s) in the Community;
    • healing on Quentin, Jemma, Lynette, Jamie, Nick and Carol;
    • That God will call them to himself, and he will begin to work in them to set them free;
  • Direction around the formation of Marriage Mentors – who should be the initial couples that we can work with;
  • Tom’s 411 training in Uganda, that out of this would be fruit that would be the start of a movement that spreads faster than C-19
  • That we would begin to see a movement start across Australia – not centred around any one person, but around Jesus. That there would be no earthly “heros” but that those who partake and lead, would be invisible behind the King.
    • the movement would occur across many different segments of society, from rich to poor, ethnicity, colour, gender;
    • that churches would grow and reproduce as new believers become missional from the get go.

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